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Church Matters

“In Jesus, the call of God which constituted God’s people in the past (Gen. 12:1f.; Exod. 3:1f.; Hos. 11:1f.) rang out again (Matt. 11:28f.; Mark 1:14-20; John 7:35F.). After his ascension, it continues to be heard in the call of the gospel (Acts 2:39; 2 Thess. 2:14). It is in responding to God’s call through the gospel that we enter the church, the covenant people of God. The ‘church’ is essentially the living community of those who have responded to the call of God, and therefore not the formal ecclesiastical structure immediately brought to mind today by the word ‘church’.”
— Bruce Milne, “Know The Truth: A Handbook of Christian Belief.”
The church is the Bride of Christ and we reflect the image of God. Thus, our service (acts of worship) is characterized by efficiency, effectiveness, excellence, and above all, exaltation.
Ordination of Baptist Pastors/Ministers
The Convention Guidelines on Ordination of Baptist Pastors/Ministers are to assist member churches in:
  1. deciding on the requirement, timeless and sustainability in their ordination;
  2. organizing the ordination process;
  3. maintaining consistency of practice among member churches;
  4. gaining a wider affirmation from the Baptist Community.
Contact the Convention office for further details and discussion.
Church Planting Proposal
A proposal for local evangelism work; to develop a Preaching Point to the NE-Corridor (Hougang / Sengkang / Punggol), as an extension of a local outreach. It is a process, and it starts with preparing and praying for a Preaching Point in Kovan:
  1. Launch date is 18 months from date of conceptual plan, with meetings on Saturday mornings/evenings.
  2. The outreach will be evaluated at the end of 2 years.
Contact the Convention office for further details and discussion.
by Pastor Eugene Low
“Singapore has been blessed by many gospel-preaching churches. Pray that they would not lose the centrality of the gospel, and would be used to build healthy churches in Asia and beyond.”
Posted at on 12/12/2016.