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The Morality of Money

“Having a proper view of money and possessions and managing them scripturally are serious challenges that all Christians must have to face. What do we do with our resources? To underscore how important the subject of money and possessions is to God, 16 of Christ’s 38 parables speak about how people should handle earthly treasure. In fact, our Lord taught more about such stewardship (1 out of every 10 verses in the Gospels) than about heaven and hell combined. The entire Bible contains more than 2,000 references to wealth and property, twice as many as the total references to faith and prayer. What do we do with the things God has given us is very important to Him.” (1)

(1) John MacArthur, Whose Money Is It Anyway?: A Biblical Guide to Using God’s Wealth (Nashville, TN: World Publishing)
Strategic Budgeting
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Stewardship Principles
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