Isaan consists of 20 provinces in the Northeast region of Thailand. It has a population of 22 million that are predominantly Buddhist. Only 0.2% are Christians. Since 2002, Covenant Community BC, Redeemer BC, Leng Kwang BC, Grace BC, Bauhinia BC, and Eternal Life BC have been involved with Sajatharm Baptist Church (SjBC), Udon Thani, through short-term mission trips. Ad-hoc support is provided from time to time by these churches.
Sajatharm Baptist Church (SjBC) is a platform for churches in Singapore to advance the gospel in Isaan
To bring the established friendship to another level, Ps Pracha and SjBC team met representatives of the Isaan Task Force and member churches under the auspices of the Singapore Baptist Convention in May 2016, resulting in Paul Teoh (One Challenge) conducting a Visioning Retreat for SjBC in August 2016.
In November, Isaan Committee Chairman Eddie Chan (ELBC), Andrew Tjang (Mission Director, SBC), and Susan Yeung (LKBC), met with SjBC’s leadership to follow up on the results of the visioning retreat and to understand SjBC’s leadership position on their discussed strategies and priorities to grow God’s kingdom in Udon Thani.

1) Engage & encourage SjBC leadership to realise their vision and accomplish their goals.

2) Raise awareness of financial support needs for a youth worker for next generation growth & outreach to youths.

3) Assist in training & equipping leaders and youths for their roles in growing the church.

4) Continue our support of SjBC in their community outreach by sending short-term mission teams.

1) Pray and financially support leadership and youth training in 2017.

2) Pray and contribute towards the support of a youth worker for the next two or three years.

3) Come, see and participate with SjBC in their endeavours to bring the good news to their community.

From time to time, we will make known SjBC’s needs for volunteers for any particular programs they run.
If you have questions or wish to discuss on how your church can be involved with Convention missions, contact:
Pastor Andrew Tjang