2017 – 2018
Empowering God’s Men (Series)
Jul – Oct 2017
Come discover the journey of walking together with other Christian men. As God’s men living out what God intended for brotherhood, we will be amazed by what we can do together for His glory!
Time: 7.30 – 10 am (Breakfast at 7am)
VenueZion Bishan BP Church
Session dates & Speakers:
15 July (Session 1) by Rev Dr David Wong
19 Aug (Session 2) by Rev Dr Chua Chung Kai
16 Sep (Session 3) by Dr Geoff Gorsuch
14 Oct (Session 4) by Rev Dr Tan Soo Inn
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Grace Baptist Church: Building Dedication & Thanksgiving Service
17 Sep 2017
Grace Baptist Church (GBC) wishes to extend an invitation to the Baptist community to join them as they celebrate all that God has done for them, in gratitude of God’s faithfulness to GBC, as well as the prayer support and many words of encouragement from the community over the course of the 24-month rebuilding adventure.
Fellowship meal to follow after the service.
Time: 10.00 am
Venue: 17 Mattar Road, Singapore 387722
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Trans-World Chinese Baptist Mission: 8th conference
17 – 20 Oct 2017
The TWCBM believes that the Bible is the standard for faith and life. In obedience to the Lord’s command that believers should be Christ’s witnesses in Jerusalem, all of Judea and Samaria, and the remotest parts of the earth, we are assured that the Holy Spirit will empower us to fulfill God’s work. We aim to unite Chinese Baptist conventions, churches and mission organizations from all parts of the world to further enhance missionary work. We believe that only through unity in the body of Christ can we fulfill the responsibility of world evangelism.
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Weave in Christ: Women’s Conference
9 – 11 Nov 2017
Come be inspired and empowered to live boldly in the Word, grow effectively in the faith, and serve mightily in the tapestry of God’s greater story. Women of all nations & ages, come join us for a 3-day conference on what is means to be woven, enlightened, alive, victorious and entrusted in Christ.
Venue: Hilton Singapore
Speakers: Margaret Feinberg & Tracy Trinita
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Baptist Pastors’ Day Dinner
19 Nov 2017
Theme: Rooted in the Past, Growing Into the Future
Time: 7.00 pm, Sunday
Qian Xi Restaurant (Civil Service Club)
60 Tessensohn Road Singapore 217664
Individual: $45/-
*Open to all church members
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Deadline to register: 30 September, Saturday.